Growing Our Impact

In 2017-18, Intonation served 674 unique students while also doubling the number of students receiving 50+ music learning hours and tripling the number of students receiving 75+ contact hours.

Our main goal in 2017 – 18 was to significantly increase time with our students, which leads to stronger music skills, youth voice, identity, and agency.

A look back at what we achieved together


  • Bringing our music education programming to 50 new Greater Bronzeville students
  • Establishing a partnership with Ellis Park Arts and Recreation Center, which is central to several school partners and anchors the North end of our geographic focus area
  • Expanding our partnership with The University of Chicago Charter schools to create a 3rd-12th grade pathway of music learning within the network.

Join us in providing Chicago youth the opportunity to learn, grow, and strive through music