2016-2017 By The Numbers

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Music Skills

Intonation Band Members learn to play ALL of the rock band instruments under the guidance of talented teaching artists. As they move through our innovative curriculum which is aligned with national and state music learning standards, students learn skills and concepts which lay a foundation for lifelong music exploration. Last school year 94% of students assessed gained basic proficiency on not just 1 but all of the rock band instruments.

Life Skills

Beyond music skills, our highest goal for students is to take part in a personal and team approach to practice, setting goals, and problem solving, so that over time they build the confidence to seek out new experiences and take ownership of their direction.

  • TEAMWORK 100% 100%

100% say that playing in a band makes them feel like part of a team


100% feel that their instructors really care about them

  • CONFIDENCE 95% 95%

95% say that playing in the band makes them believe they can do great things

  • GOAL SETTING 98% 98%

98% say that playing in the band helps them to work hard at things they want to be good at

“I love how Intonation recognizes our strengths and allows us to embrace our talents. Playing in the band has given us the opportunity to follow our dreams. The staff encourage us to never say ‘I can’t’…They really care about us, we are like family.”


5 year band member, Taylor Park

“Playing in the band has taught my daughter teamwork, the importance of listening, and a fearlessness in showcasing her individuality.”

Dana G. Jones

Intonation Parent, NKO Charter School

“Intonation is providing children not just with music, but with a way to learn how to become a good citizen, how to make a contribution to society, how to believe in yourself and what you’re doing. They’re showing kids a way to have something different than before.”

Michael Brown

Park Supervisor of Recreation, Fuller Park

“Intonation is helping students grow socially and academically while being a catalyst for the revival of music in Bronzeville. Thanks to Intonation, this legacy can continue by introducing children to a lifelong love of music.”

Pat Dowell

Third Ward Alderman, Bronzeville