Aquil Charlton

Program Director

Aquil “AQ” Charlton comes to Intonation from colleague organization Notes for Notes, where he has been Program Director for the past year. Aquil is also Director of the CPS New Music Ensemble and…

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Mike Simons

Founder and Executive Director

Mike founded Intonation in 2006 with a carful of his own instruments, a volunteer slot at a local community center, and a hunch that that learning to play and perform the music…

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Beth King

Development and Communications Director

Beth has worked in development and communications capacities for over 20 years, and joined Intonation’s administrative team as Development and Communications Director…

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Izzy Olive

Marketing Coordinator

Izzy Olive is a musician and arts administrator originally from Southern Illinois. Upon graduating from the University of Chicago, she worked in marketing and PR for Eighth Blackbird…

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Kenneth Phillips

Education Director

Kenneth holds a BA in Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University and has over a decade of experience in arts based non-profit management. A native of New Orleans…

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Jen Busch

Operations Manager

Jen joined the Intonation team as Operations Associate in February 2015. Before Intonation, she worked as a Teaching Artist with Changing Worlds, teaching photography and…

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Kevelyn Wilson

Community Engagement Coordinator

Kevelyn joined the Intonation team in 2012 and teaches at Fuller Park, Taylor Park, and Kennicott Park. She started off as a student with Intonation at 14, playing in two bands…

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Vivian McConnell

Site Liaison and Special Projects Coordinator

Vivian joined Intonation at the end of 2014. She teaches classes at NKO, Barton Elementary, and Kennicott Park. She received her B.A. in Spanish from University…

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Matt Espy

Equipment Coordinator

Prior to joining the Intonation team in 2017, Matt was a managing partner at Chicago Drum Works for 10 years, where he curated drum clinics and helped to foster and grow…

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Seth Engel

Seth Engel is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and educator living and working in Chicago.

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Edward Anderson

Edward Anderson has been an instructor since 2012. He has taught at Fuller Park, NKO Charter School, Fosco Park, Gage Park High School, CICS Irving Park, and Rock-N-Pop…

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Randy Hardy

Randy has been teaching with Intonation since the very first pilot program back in 2006 and has since taught at Fuller Park, Madison Elementary, New Sullivan Elementary…

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Alex Wing

Alex is a guitarist, bassist, oudist and creative musician living on the South side of Chicago. He has his B.A. in music from The University of Chicago. Alex joined…

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Dakari Waddell

Dakari started out as a student at Intonation in 2009. He played piano with his band ‘Trace’, and continued as a multi-instrumentalist with the Intonation All-Stars in 2013. He graduated High School in 2015…

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Boyang Matsapola

Boyang joined Intonation in 2015. He is a privately taught student of classical upright bass, and has been an electric bass player in the city of Chicago since 2009….

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Uriah Gunn

Uriah began teaching for Intonation in 2014. She started out as a student with Intonation back in 2008, after moving to Chicago from Tennessee. She played in four bands…

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Jayson Kramer

Jayson joined the Intonation team in 2016. Jayson earned his B.A. in Biology from Boston University in 2008 and has been a lifelong student of music…

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Lara Jenkins

Lara is thrilled to bring her musical knowledge and life-long love for teaching to Intonation Music….

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