Mixtape! Original Youth Music Compilation 2019 – 2023

Intonation announces the third installment of their Mixtape! Youth Music Compilations, featuring two discs worth of 40+ original songs and recordings by Intonation student bands between 2019-2023. Intonation teaches students how to form bands and play music together. Intonation uses the art of music making as an instrument to help youth find their sound and discover new depths of their talent and potential. The compilation is split into two discs: 

Disc 1: VOICES

VOICES features songs recorded in our Studio 47 recording studio at Taylor Park before the pandemic and after returning to in-person learning. The recordings all include lyrics, and they amplify student voices while they navigate hopes, fears, and dreams during a time of intense change and uncertainty.


Disc 2: VIBES

VIBES features a prolific time for remote music production at Intonation. During the pandemic, our classes moved from an actual classroom to a virtual one, where our students met over Zoom. At this time, we focused on digital recording using Soundtrap, a collaborative, online music recording platform. These songs were all produced during this remote learning period, and showcase our students’ ability to work with arrangement, loops, MIDI controllers, and digital recording. 


Link to download/stream: linktr.ee/mixtapecomp2023