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Intonation kids explore their limitless potential by learning to play instruments and form their own rock bands. Offered in partnership with schools, park districts, and community organizations, our year-round classes make music accessible to children by providing them with instruments, instruction, mentorship, and the chance to perform on stages across the city. Each Intonation student takes part in a personal and team approach to practice, setting goals, and problem solving; and over time they gain the confidence to take charge of their direction and seek out new experiences.


Join us in our All-Access Band Room!

We are happy to announce a virtual learning experience for Intonation students - a weekly...

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We are proud to announce that Intonation Instructor Dakari, aka Wyatt Waddell, has been featured...


of students assessed gained basic proficiency on not just 1 but ALL of the rock band instruments


of School Partners noted improvement among band members in confidence, teamwork, persistence, leadership, and willingness to try new things