Parents FAQ

My child wants to join a band! How can we sign up?

There are many ways for your child to join a band and participate in Intonation’s programs!

1. Join a Saturday Band directly through Intonation

During the school year, we run band classes on Saturdays at Taylor Park. These classes are open to students in 3rd grade and above – no previous experience is required! Click here for information about how to register for Saturday Band.

2. Join an after-school band at the Park District

Intonation is an Arts Partner in residence at Kennicott, Taylor, and Ellis Parks. If your child participates in after school programming at those parks, contact us or talk to the park supervisor about how to get your child involved in the band program.

3. Join a band at school

We are in residence in Chicago Public Schools and charter schools across the city. Click here for a list of our current school partners. If your child is enrolled at one of our partner schools, call us or talk to the school to find out how he or she can join the band program. If you want to bring Intonation to your child’s school, contact us or your administrator to request information about our school partnerships.

4. Sign up for other Intonation programs:

  • Musicians Trust
  • All-City Music
  • Summer Camp
  • After School Matters

Click here for class descriptions and registration information.

5. Attend a performance

The best way to understand what Intonation is all about is to attend a student performance. Student shows are the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication, and they are lots of fun for the whole family! Click here for a list of upcoming student performances.

7. Who to Contact

Intonation is committed to being responsive to the needs of our students and families. We strive to continually improve our programs and practices to make our classroom experience as engaging, student-centered, and safe as possible for all. Our instructor team is comprised of working musicians who are dedicated to empowering youth through the power of music and teamwork. We hold every employee accountable to our values and code of conduct to ensure all stakeholders – especially families and children – are confident in our practices and programs. We welcome questions and feedback at all times. 

If you have any program-related questions regarding your specific program please see below:

For School Programs contact: Char Lee Luckett / [email protected] / 312-469-0554 ext.713

For Saturday Bands, Parks and Partner Programs contact: Lara Jenkins / [email protected] / 312-469-0554 ext.710

For classroom info, student absences or curriculum questions, please contact an instructor in your child’s program. 

For General Inquiries contact: [email protected] / 312-469-0554

For sensitive matters, you can reach out to our Executive Director, Tonya Howell, at [email protected]rg / 312-469-0554 ext. 700

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