employment opportunities

DEputy DIrector

Intonation Music seeks a thorough and energetic Deputy Director who is passionate about youth development and music’s power to change, strengthen, and unify individuals and communities. This key position is a member of Intonation’s leadership team and will be relied on for facilitation, problem-solving, and proactive measures to drive the mission forward and keep the operations of the organization running smoothly. Successful candidates will have a demonstrated passion for non-profit service and an ability to coalesce and engage diverse groups of people.

Intonation Music is seeking highly motivated, detail-oriented, reliable individuals to join our social-emotional learning (SEL)-focused, ambitious team! We are looking for instructors who have a passion for education, and are eager to engage in a meaningful experience with students exploring their creativity and personal growth. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and specific day/time needs will be updated regularly in the Google form at the end of the position descriptions.

Lead Instructor

Lead Instructors are relied upon to bring their experience and expertise to this leadership role. They represent their class-specific teaching teams as the main point of contact with their Program Manager, acting as the lead in class planning, workgroup activities, data collection, and equipment needs.


Co-instructors assist while learning to guide students in all aspects of forming and working together as an ensemble, in both remote and in-person settings: playing instruments (including DAWs), learning songs, setting up, tuning, songwriting, playing as a group, listening to one another, communicating effectively, supporting each other, stage presence and, of course, LIVE performance.