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Lead Instructor

Lead Instructors are relied upon to bring their experience and expertise to this leadership role. They represent their class-specific teaching teams as the main point of contact with their Program Manager, acting as the lead in class planning, workgroup activities, data collection, and equipment needs.


In addition to teaching musical skills, Instructors will be expected to mentor students in social-emotional skills including teamwork, agency and leadership, community engagement and youth voice, nonviolent conflict resolution, and goal setting. Instructors will mediate the occasional dispute and effectively manage a classroom.

Apprentice Instructor

An Apprentice Instructor will perform both administrative and artistic roles. The Apprentice
Instructor will assist their designated teaching team in planning and executing music lessons including
small group instrumental instruction (guitar, bass, drum set, keyboard, and vocals) and reflecting on
teaching practices in order to continually improve during summer camp programming. The Apprentice
Instructor will learn how to troubleshoot classroom challenges and to communicate professionally with
Intonation staff, parents, students, and community members.