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Executive Director

After 15 years of growing and leading Intonation, Founder Mike Simons will be handing the reins to a new leader. Intonation is an asset to the community that we serve. Young people need social connections and outlets for creativity and self-expression – now more than ever. Our student-centered model is unique, and we have a deep commitment to growing within Greater Bronzeville. The next phase of growth for Intonation requires bold vision and seasoned management. We have launched our new strategy – a robust plan for the future that reflects input from a broad set of stakeholders – and we are confident in our approach and ability to deliver.

The Executive Director is responsible for providing overall leadership in day-to-day activities and, along with the Board of Directors, executing on the organization’s long-term strategic objectives. The ED will report to the Board of Directors, and provide direction for all organizational affairs in accordance with its mission as defined by its by-laws, mission statement, guiding principles, and policies established and approved by the Board.

Lead Instructor

Lead Instructors are relied upon to bring their experience and expertise to this leadership role. They represent their class-specific teaching teams as the main point of contact with their Program Manager, acting as the lead in class planning, workgroup activities, data collection, and equipment needs.


In addition to teaching musical skills, Instructors will be expected to mentor students in social-emotional skills including teamwork, agency and leadership, community engagement and youth voice, nonviolent conflict resolution, and goal setting. Instructors will mediate the occasional dispute and effectively manage a classroom.