All-City Band: Music and Media Production Ensemble

Music and Media Production Ensemble through CPS’s All-City Band program at Jones College Prep High School. 6th – 12th graders are eligible, please apply at the form below and be sure to specify “Music and Media Production Ensemble” as the course.

Students in this ensemble will primarily focus on writing and improvising original music. As new music is generated, students will record and produce original songs using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Garageband, Ableton, and other professional equipment. Students will decide on how they want to present their music to the public through conversations about branding, design, and format. Packaged songs will then be published online via private links on digital media platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Through these practices, students will gain digital literacy and experience with using technology and software for professional artistic applications.

Apply and learn more here: