Musician’s Trust

The Musicians’ Trust will provide 15 youth from Intonation programs with one instrument package to own, including an amplifier for guitar or bass, cables, and other critical accessories. This also includes resources for care, repair, home practice routines, and private instruction. Consider it a scholarship for those who want to graduate from the part-time band experience to a full-time artistic practice.

Purpose and Goals

Having an instrument to call one’s own is a defining moment for every musician. The ability to practice wherever and whenever fits your life often leads to a profound increase in skill development, confidence, and a sense of responsibility for the instrument. Intonation calls the program a trust because it is an investment in the musicianship of our youth.

Our goal is to provide 15 instruments annually – currently 5 of each: keys, bass, and guitar – and track the progress of their owners. Another goal is to establish a network of dedicated, practicing youth musicians by sharing practice videos, sending invitations to Intonation events, and presenting awards to students the following year. We will also seek out additional resources to provide more types of instruments to more youth in the future.


Current Intonation band members are only eligible if:
– It is their 2nd year or higher in class with Intonation. Meaning, they have already completed at least one (1) year.

– They maintain good attendance in band programs (past attendance will be reviewed during the application process).

– Their instructor recommends them to participate. They MUST notify one or both of their Instructors that they are applying to the Musicians Trust by FEBRUARY 3, 2020. Instructors will be contacted for youth recommendations.

– They make an additional one-year commitment to the program that includes: An award at The Promontory in Hyde Park on Saturday, March 14th; Regularly sharing self-recorded practice and performance videos, and helping present awards to the next group at The Promontory Spring Showcase the following year.


Musician’s Trust will return in January 2021 – please email Kevelyn Wilson at to be put on a contact list for registration information.