Tell us a little about the music you make. I’m super influenced by people like Stevie wonder, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Billy Joel.

How did your musical education start? My grandma started teaching me piano at age 4 and I started playing by ear from there. I joined Intonation around 6th grade and joined again my junior year of high school. Part of my music education started at Intonation.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your musical education? Not relying on my natural talent. Given that I have perfect pitch, it seems like I am ahead of everyone and that makes me not want to try harder. It’s definitely hard to practice.

Tell us about your current music goals. I want to be an influential singer/songwriter, and be a role model.

What music gets you excited about making music? Mainly Stevie Wonder’s music because his chord progressions are so advanced. Also, when I have certain ideas in my head that play on a loop or when i have a fully formulated idea.

Why did you decide to teach music? I want to give kids the same chance and education that I was fortunate enough to have as a kid.

How long have you been involved with Intonation? As a student for about 5 years. As an instructor almost 3 years.

Tell us about your upcoming release. I have a single coming out on August 10th called “Untrain My Heart.”

Why do you believe music education is important? I feel it’s important because music is a freeing experience. A way to express yourself. There aren’t much opportunities to express yourself in school anymore. It’s all so uniform.

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