Program Operations and Special Projects Manager

Cheryl grew up listening to the wide variety of modern popular music in the 1980’s while also singing in her church’s children’s choir, playing the flute in her school band, and writing original songs as young as age six. Inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and the rise of all-female and female-fronted bands in the 1990s, she learned guitar in 1994 and formed her first all-girl band playing guitar and singing her original songs. At age 15, Cheryl was recording her music and immersing herself into the punk scene on the east coast. Triggered by the backlash on female musicians and the segregation of people of color in rock music that she witnessed, Cheryl decided to dedicate her life to rock ‘n’ roll and spreading equality within it. Her studies eventually led her to Chicago to pursue her Bachelors in Music in Classical Guitar at Loyola University Chicago. Cheryl has made it her mission to teach people of all genders, races, and ages that they can truly rock and excel on any instrument. Cheryl has been teaching music for 15 years and continues to play guitar, bass, & drums in multiple rock bands in Chicago.